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My Jed Stuff

For all of my scribbling needs I use Jed, an excellent compact editor written by John E. Davis. Reasons you may want to use Jed instead of other editors include:

I wrote the Borland IDE compatibility mode (big deal - I started from the Jed ships with) and some other Slang files. Writing these, I followed these basic design rules (Goccia's Rules of Thumb):

  1. it should be as helpful as possible; but
  2. it must not stand in the way; therefore,
  3. it should be fully customisable, and
  4. it should be usable by geeks and newbies alike.

If you feel that these modes somewhat break the rules, please feel free to send me your suggestions.

These Slang files are designed for Jed B0.99.18.

File Description Screenshot JedABC (a.k.a. ABC mode for Jed) provides an IDE for writing ABC music files, turning them to PostScript/MIDI, viewing, and listening to them. Forget the command line! Please check out The ABC Plus Project screenshot 1.0.10 AFT mode (see screenshot 1.0.0 Provides numbered backups a la VMS. n/a 1.0.2 Docbook SGML mode. screenshot 1.0.2 A new, menu-based HTML mode. screenshot 1.3.4 Key bindings mostly compatible with Borland's Turbo Pascal/C++; an alternative to Emacs mode. n/a
ide.hlp Help file for IDE mode n/a
latex4jed A much-improved LaTeX mode: extensive menus, indentation, composing and viewing from within the editor, document outline, and much more! Available from CTAN mirrors. screenshot
screenshot 1.9.9 Linuxdoc SGML mode. Rewritten and updated. n/a Matlab/Octave mode. n/a 1.0.1 An interface to RCS. n/a 1.0.1a Provides menu access to recently opened files. n/a
  Colour Schemes Colour scheme for Linux/Windows console. n/a ditto n/a Colour scheme for Xjed/Wjed. Romantic. screenshot ditto. Stylish. screenshot ditto. Intriguing. screenshot ditto. Charming. screenshot ditto. Stimulating. screenshot ditto. Relaxing. screenshot

Jed Quick Reference

I have also written a quick reference for Jed. It's written in AFT, which converts to good LaTeX and HTML.

Updated Version 1.0.8, 27 November 2008:

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